NSW 222311 Financial Adviser 65 + 5 awaiting invite

NSW 222311 Financial Adviser 65 + 5 awaiting invite
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Hi Yellow Hunk

BTW, I hoping that till now the outcome of your application must be positive. I am also applying for the same therefore will be intrested in knowing it.


Hi Saurabh,

No luck yet. Waiting for the invite for 6 months now. Worried !



I’m applying the same occupation too. Submitted EOI 5 months ago, still waiting. I heard that last year almost all the people of our occupation has been invited. And there’s a man of 80 point invited on 2/16 this year. Just wait and keep hope live


Hi bluesea8023, hopefully the invite comes soon. They send a lot of invites in March and May but nothing can be predicted. What points are you all at?


My point is 70+5. Hope it will follow the same pattern as last year.


Looks like a long wait. Are there any other states for FIA?


There are other states but a job offer is required. :no_mouth:


Ah. I see. Hopefully you get it soon. I was reading/checking the historical trends and almost everybody has got it sooner or later. So its a matter of wait. I am doing vetassess and then will be in a queue with you soon.


I have one more query. I could see NSW do not provide 190 for FIA. https://www.anzscosearch.com/222311 What does this mean.


FIA is not listed on NSWs occupation list but is listed on consolidated state occupation list (CSOL). FIA will be eligible only under stream 2 of NSW which means that it will invite only applicants with high scores (the one with 80 got invited recently).


And it’s also due to its market demand of FIA which means high score does not necessarily ensure an invitation.


Any luck guys for the invitation?


Hi Saurabh, no invite yet but a 70+5 pointer recently got an invite. So lets hope for the best :slight_smile:


Best of luck guys. Hope you get it soon too. And then me too. :slight_smile:


I got invited on the 3/16. I’m sure you ‘ll get the invitation soon.


Congratulations bluesea8023. Please keep us updated with your progress and also provide your points breakup please. Tc


Congrats bluesea8023, Keep us posted with the progress.


Thanks.Waiting for your good news.


Hi Guys,

I am planning to submit my EOI for 222311. Need guidance. Can you tell me where should I submit my EOI. Also please share your experience, incase I should take care of anything while submitting my EOI.


Hi All, I want to know when is the right time to add a spouse to your application? I am engaged and I am thinking of adding that to my application. Will it make a difference? At which stage should I add it to avoid issues? before ITA? After ITA? Before Visa? After visa? Please guide on this.