Nsw 190 stream 2 occupation

Nsw 190 stream 2 occupation
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Hi All, I have applied for NSW SC190 under telecommunications engineer 263311 on 18/06/2016. I got 55 individual points (age+pte+degree). Still I did not get any invitation from DIBP. is there any chance that I'll get an invitation this year? Or with my points can I apply for other states? Your response is highly appreciated. Cheers guys!!

Hi I have applied at nsw stream 2 under 190 with 70 points for organization and methods analyst occupation.How long will it take for the invite to come.

I have applied with 65 + 5/10 To nsw for a school principal profile. What are the chances...

Have you got it mate ?

Are you invited yet mate ?


Hi everyone, I’ve submitted my EOI for 222311 Financial Investment Adviser at 65+5, do you think that’s sufficient? Thanks!


Is NSW giving out invitations yet? Eagerly waiting with 60+5 points for 233211 civil engineer


Hi. I have applied for Recruitment Consultant 223112 with 60+5 points on June 15th 2017. When will I get an invite?


Hello Everyone!

Is there a way to track EOI online without a reference number? Reference number isnt shared by agent


There is now ay of tracking as such, once invite from a state will come agent should inform you. Usually, agents have a agent’s account where they store multiple EOIs, therefore they will not share the details.


Hello… can anyone please let me know the options available for recruitment consultant occupation under various VISA options? i have cleared skills assessment & PTE too. My points are 65 with SS. Also, what are the chances of invite under 489 VISA for NSW stream 2?


Recruitment Consultant is not on the NSW 190 Priority Skilled Occupation List (NSW 190 List) according to their web-site… https://www.industry.nsw.gov.au/live-and-work-in-nsw/visas-and-immigration/skilled-nominated-migration-190/are-you-eligible

and stream 2 is for very high pointers… not 65.


Hi Andy, so for NSW stream 2, does your occupation have to be in NSW 190 List AND Have high points?? my occupation is 511112 (Project Administrator) which is not on the list, but I have high points (80) with state sponsorship.


I understand that you qualify for stream 2. I have never researched stream 2, so my knowledge are somewhat limited, but it seems the case that your occupation does not need to be on the list.


Is any Chemical Engineer received an invitation either in 189 or 190 (NSW) ?? Kindly share… Thanks



I have applied for NSW and Victoria 190 visa during September 2017. The points i have is 65 = 25(Age)+10(Eng)+15(Qualification)+5(State Nomination). What are the chances of this getting picked up? Is anybody getting reverts to similar scores nowadays? Appreciate your repies.


whats you anzsco? you can check here: https://myimmitracker.com/en/au/trackers/expression-of-interest-sc190 filter by anzsco.


I’ve not seen many recently. check here: https://myimmitracker.com/en/au/trackers/expression-of-interest-sc190 filter by aznsco.


Hi Andy, Thanks for pointing it out. I submitted my EOI for NSW Stream 2 on 2/12 and was able to get an invite within 4 days.


Congratulations! If you can, please add your case to the tracker.