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I wanted to know that i have not been asked for bio-metrics till now and have received AOR on 26th Dec. shall i need to worry?


@hirdesh_agarwal01 As far as I know, biometrics is for people who applied on and after Jan 01, 2019. So, I think you do not need biometrics.


Any one for Jan AOR got PPR?


Thanks for the information.


The SLA is if 6 months so the people of Jan AOR will receive PPR by July this year


Hello all, I am FSWO India AOR 20 jan 2019 I need some help, my husband and my passport is expiring this November’2019, we are planning get it renewed this month and will have our new passport by 15th of next month. I need to know how shall I go about it? Will there be any problem? How can I notify the Canadian authority about the same? If someone could help us with the process, I’ll be grateful. Thanks in advance.


Hi There, similar thing happened with me as well but it got updated couple of days later… I think, the biometric ID gets reflected upon the OC receiving your application. If you had encountered something else which is unusual, kindly share it with others too - Thank You.


Did you see any further update in your profile after the real IP1? I am having same situation for over 20 days now.


Hi… Its been same since 26 march… I have requested ‘processing status’ of my application using web form. May be, IRCC will provide some information. Fingers crossed


Okay, I hope they give some clear picture. Let us know what they respond with. Mine is in this status since 28th March.


Ya… I will… Cheers


Hi… This is the reply I got from IRCC Thank you for contacting Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

We verified the information you provided and are pleased to inform you that everything appears to be in order with your application.

Your application is currently being processed at the Canadian visa office in New Delhi, India.

All the required documents and information have been received by the responsible office for the moment.

I hope everything is fine with my application…


I received exactly same response 10 days ago, except the fact that my file is in CPC Ottawa. I think it is a good indication that your application is already in local VO.


I have heard somewhere that IRCC transfer the application to New Delhi only when they demand thorough verification…which may take lot of time…I am not sure about this information whether it is fact or not… I just don,t want further delay …Can you suggest any thing from your experience


Not much idea on it. I think these are all just speculations. Not much we can do than to wait and see when we recieve the golden email.


Dear Jatindersroya, Can you plz share the email I’d u sent your question to, for the benefit of all?


I used the webform