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I have received the same mails. And now if it reflects Bio-metrics Completed, then how long do you think it will take for the PPR…??


Hi… What is ur BG status…?


Does it say your background check has been started?


Yes it does say its under process which i guess means has begun


Hi all, got AOR on the 11th January, Medicals passed and Biometrics request on 20th February and Biometrics completed on 7th March. The Biometrics IDs are now showing in the profile, but the Status is still the following:

“We need your fingerprints to process your application. Check your messages below for details.”

Any idea if this is expected or if I should somehow try to contact IRCC?




yeah, if that’s what it is as you’ve described,… it does seem to be in ip2 stage!


Hi Epic-E, I’d suggest you to read the message carefully in your application profile, from IRCC. They must have been specific to the reasons and the time lines by which you have to get it done. Trying to contact them would only waste your time, making it more complicated for you. You can first get it done and then contact IRCC. Even can ask for clarifications as to why did it happen!


Thanks for your reply. I think you might have misunderstood me a little bit. We have already completed our biometrics on the 7th March. And you can actually see in our profile as well that they have been submitted to IRCC but the status itself has not been updated.

Hope that makes more sense?


Do you have any idea how many weeks it take when application reach IP2?



@ Epic-E, I do understand what you saying! Honestly, I have no idea why you got another request for fingerprints. But, if they have asked you to get it done then you have no other option to… After all, they know the system better than any of us. In my opinion, you should read the message from IRCC fwith the instructions for your fingerprints and do it before the time lapses.
Then if you want, can request GCMC Notes.


@ Pritam_Singh, mate you are in IP2 stage if we go by the traditional process. Unless there are any last minute complications, we are looking at anything between 2 weeks to 2-3 months eaily.


In my case, I’m MEP-pass, Biometrics-completed. Was in IP2 stage for almost 2 weeks with background check in progress then got my background check got changed to not started.


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Have you got any recent updates after bio-metrics?