Hi all,

Starting thread for those who have AOR in january 2019 - please join for discussion and knowledge sharing.

Below I will post some information which you may find useful going forward.

Some FAQ:

Q: How to find my visa office?

A: Send E-mail to: CPC-CTD-Ottawa@cic.gc.ca Subject: E000xxxx - Visa Office Body of the mail: Hello,

I am trying to find out in which Visa office my application is being processed?

Application number: E000xxxx Date of Birth: 19xx-xx-xx Last Name: xxx First Name: xxxx UCI: - Category of Immigration: Federal Skilled Worker


Hi My AOR is 7 jan 2019. Thanks for the thread


AOR January 25th, 2019. Thank you.


My Aor is jan the 3rd , Medical hasn’t been passed yet although background check indicates IP2 stage! Has anyone experienced the same?


Hi! Thanks for starting the thread. AOR 8 January 2019. I sent an email as suggested above to find out where my application is being processed and I received an automated response saying I should check the CIC site to see where my application is being processed? Does anyone know where on the site to look, I cant seem to find it?


Hi! Mine is Jan 9, 2019. No status update yet.


No updates either! I reckon, they still haven’t touched Jan’19 AORs. Ideally medicals are updated within 4-6 weeks from AOR.


I am almost at 6 weeks with no progress on my application, no medicals or background check. Applying from South Africa and there seems to be a real delay at the moment.


Hi, my AOR is 8th January 2019. I received biometric request on the Friday, 15th February 2019


AOR on 19 Jan’19. No updates yet.


Hi all my AOR date is 17th Jan 2019. No updates yet.


Hi Everyone,

My AOR received: Jan 11th, 2019 Medical Passed: Feb 19th, 2019 Received Biometric request: Feb 19th, 2019.


Hi, My AOR date is 10th January 2019. I have recieved this messege saying we are processing your application.!Can anyone tell me what stage am I at and have i passed the medical as yet or not??34%20AM|443x25934%20AM


My e-AOR is 18th Jan 2019. Not received any message on Medicals Passed.

  • AOR: 8 Jan

  • Medicals passed: 16 Feb

  • Biometrics request: 16 Feb

  • Biometrics completed: 20 Feb

  • IP2 (We are processing your background check. We will send you a message if we need more information): 20 Feb


You should look further down on that screen for this:


this is what it says, kindly explain


Hi, the very first update is about clearing Medicals followed by Biometric request in some cases. Did receive any emails about the “update in your application” or “a new message”?


I am at the same stage it seems…is there a change for you ?


My AOR Jan 4,2019 Medicals passed and have completed Biometrics. Backgrounds check is in Progress