Its been 2months after AOR

Its been 2months after AOR


As stated above, it’s been two months since I’ve received AOR. The only thing that has been updated is the ‘medical passed’. Does it usually this slow? I figured some things has to be updated (like background checks and whatnot)


I’m in same boat, the only activity I’ve seen is Medical passed and since then no updates. Experts, any inputs…


I know it’s been killing me. Have you been requested to submit further information?


Nope, I’ve not got any request.

yes bro, eagerly waiting for it.


Same here, July 28 AOR. When is it advisable to order GCMS note?


I’ve read in many other forums, it’s worth to order GCMS notes if the wait time is more than 2 months and as long as the Application is well under 6 months, then, nothing to worry about.


oh. what kind of information would GCMS give us? Would we have to wait anyways?