Is this a scam email?

As per Cic FAQs this is a fraud email. the funny things is how the hell they have all of my information. email my file number, my name and my dob. there are no updates on my Account



Name of the Applicant: XXXXX


Visa File Number: XXXXXX

Dear applicant,

Your immigration medical examination result has been received and in order to complete the assessment additional information is required.

Please print out a copy of this message and present it to the panel physician who did your initial immigration medical examination. In exceptional situations, you may utilize the services of another panel physician used for Canadian immigration examinations ( Exceptional circumstances include: moving to a new location making it difficult to visit the original panel physician, or the original panel physician is no longer available.

You have 60 days from the date of this letter to comply with this request.

Kind regards,

Regional Medical Office (RMO)- Manila

Embassy of Canada Manila

DO NOT REPLY TO THIS MESSAGE. Please send your email inquiries to the visa office inquiry mailbox found in the website.

it seems to be legitimate. is valid official email address.

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Good day!i received the same email.i want to know if it is legit or scam?thanks

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Yes, it is legit. I went to the same doctor i had medical done. I gave them my IME number and they said i have to redo xrays. It wasted my 3 months. However I passed the medical exam and now i am PR.

The email came from manila embassy philippines? Did you have your medical done in the Philippines?thanks for the response by the way😊

My medical done in Canada. But immigration department has outsourced the doctor to verify the results. It could be in any country.

Go to same doctor and they will let you know what they want more.

So they requested 2nd xray for verification?

Yes, they did. It’s depend, whatever they want. If its an xrays then four month of time will waste.

Did you wait 4 months again after redo the X-ray? Did they say why they required it again?