Is it a good idea to legally change my name before obtaining PR?

I’ve submitted an EOI for independent skilled visa and haven’t been invited yet, so I’m currently still on my temporary graduate visa. I have a non-English name and apparently it is easier to find jobs in Australia when you have an English name on your resume and cover letter.

I saw on that to make the application I’m only required to have the right to live in Australia, have been living in Victoria for at least the last 12 months and are known in the community.

So I’m not sure if I should do it now or wait until I’m invited or granted PR? Apparently, after the application is approved, I will need to update all documents including my non-Australian passport, so that’s quite a hassle. Unfortunately, it’s unlikely that I can change my name that’s already on the academic transcript and Bachelor degree, which are sometimes required to be included in my job applications by recruiters. Can someone please share with me their thoughts on this?

Not sure if you are referring to any credible data to show that people with English names get jobs easily. Changing names is not an easy task and the explanation that you need to provide for the change. If you still want to go ahead, consult 1 or 2 reputed MARA agents for their opinion.