IP2 before MEP

IP2 before MEP
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My Aor is Jan the 3rd 2019 , background check indicates IP2 ever since. However , medical hasn’t been passed yet! Has anyone experienced the same?


yes…it can happen


Same as mine let’s keep fingers crossed


same with me, AOR on 15jan , background check status is in IP2 since then i was worried, but i think these IP1 NA1 IP2 etc terms are made by people, only visa office knows for certain


Crossed :smiley:


I had the same thing, but, it changed to IP1 after medical passed. Then after 3 weeks it changed to IP2. I think it’s a glitch or something.


AOR is 8 Jan and I also went straight to IP2 after my medicals were passed. And then today I was changed back to IP1?? Very confused. I have passed medicals and completed biometrics. Have also paid the PR fee upfront. Anyone else go from IP2 back to IP1?


Same!! Paid the fee in full with AOR went straight to IP2 then cleared MEP! biometrics completed later. Now back to IP1!!!

I mean, what’s happening in here ?!


According to this post https://www.canadavisa.com/canada-immigration-discussion-board/threads/application-stages-what-they-mean-mep-ip1-ip2-ghost-update-version-2019.612656/, the background progress stages have changed starting 2019.

Directly getting IP2 is considered as False IP2. Read article for detailed stage description.


this indeed was useful! thanks for sharing.

Also, did anyone else notice a weird shift (increase) in the “estimate time line”?


What do you mean @appy_981? I saw my remaining time changed from 4 months to 17 weeks today. If that is what you are asking


@p_v_r yea, exactly! Is it normal or something that we should be worried about? And why did the expected completion time increased when it was supposed to reduce! Does that mean the ideal 2-3 months processing time post MEP and biometrics would go beyond the completion time line?


@appy_981 It is very unpredictable. I got PPR on 28th March. AOR Jan 14th. So, these dates seems to be very tentative.


@p_v_r congratulations mate. That’s amazing! I’m keen to know the following, if you can share: -was it FSW Inland or Outland, -where did you apply it from (your home country and the country you applied it from) -number of applicants
this is a great news …

My AOR is 13th Jan. rest is just same as yours,…I hope it turns out the same way from me too :smiley:


Thanks @appy_981 I am FSW-O. I am from India and applied by myself from US with 3 applicants.

Good luck to you too!


Hi, AOR is Jan 21st and IP2 Since the Beginning, No change til now Other than Medical Passed and Biometrics