ICTBA 261111 with 75 points

ICTBA 261111 with 75 points
5.0 1

Friends, I have submitted EOI for 190 with 75 points for NSW on 29th June 2018 for ICTBA 261111. Can someone assist me with approx waiting period for this score based on your experience.

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Hi Anand

Have you received an invite yet?

Regards Saurabh


Not yet.


Hi Anand, I am in the same boat as you. 75 points for NSW. Did you get your invite yet? If i may ask what was your english proficiency score? I heard that NSW is only sending out invites for proficient english speakers.


Hi Techno99,

I’m in the same place with 75 points (70+5) for NSW and VIC.

Whats your DOE for 190 EOI?


Hi guys

Are you adding the 5 state points on the 75?

Submitted EOI May 15 with 75 also

Any lucky guys?