ICT Business Analyst for VIC and NSW

ICT Business Analyst for VIC and NSW
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Hello People,

I have 80 points (SS) with superior English of 90 in all bands of PTE, and with 11 years of total experience. My EOI effective date is 8th March 2019, and eagerly waiting for an invite. Do anyone have information on the invite dates for VIC and NSW? One invite happened on March 14th, but it was for applications until Feb 2019 and for 80 points. Would be great if you can respond to my request. All the very best!!



It seems I’m on the same boat as you - ICT BA with 75 points (without SS), 80 points (with SS). My EOI date of effect is : 16th Mar 2019 and I am having overall experience of close to 13 years, but could claim only 10 points from experience owing to non-ICT major. I’m also having a perfect score on the PTE. On analyzing the 190 invite patterns at least from NSW, it does seem that the invites have been pretty random of late. So, I’m having no clue as to by when we should expect an invite. However, I’ve heard that VIC does reject applications post invite, not sure about NSW…

Any pointers from anyone would really help.

Thanks, Debashis


Hello Debashis,

Did you get an invite? If yes, can you please tell me when and what time did you receive an invite?

I am in the same boat as you and I am desperately waiting.


Hi Barath,

Yes I got the NSW 190 invite yesterday (18th April) at around 10.30 AM IST. Don’t worry, I think your invite should also be on its way!


Hello Deb,

Thanks for your response. I am eagerly waiting and my effective date is 8th March.

I am very pensive now.


Firstly, Many Congratulations to you and your family! All the best mate.

I too lost 6 years due to not having ICT Major. I hope my invite is around the corner. Did you apply for VIC or only NSW as I have applied for both.


Thanks Barath! I sincerely wish you get your invite at the earliest…


Yes I did apply for VIC as well. But have no hopes there going by the past trends…


Thank you so much Deb! Hoping for an invite soon. Since excluding 6 years you stand at 7 and I at 5 years of experience. The rest remaining same for both. ICT BA, superior English, and 80 points. Please keep me in our prayers


Has VIC been inviting any ICT Business Analysts? The tracker seems to say that the last invites were almost a year ago for ICT Business Analysts. Even with the slowdown, that seems somewhat unlikely. Any idea as to how long an invite might actually take?

For context, I have 80 points with SS with almost 14 years of working experience (about 9 approved by ACS), 2 equivalent Bachelors and Masters degrees according to ACS, and an IELTS score of 8.5.


Hello Danielle,

I have been waiting since March 8th, when my points increased to 80 for SS. And I am hoping VIC to consider my application as well. I have about a little over 5 years approved by ACS (11+ years in total as a BA) and PTE score of 90 in all bands. Not sure on why there is a slowdown despite quite few of us hitting the 80 scores.