ICT BA 261111 with 75 for NSW, QLD, Vic

ICT BA 261111 with 75 for NSW, QLD, Vic
5.0 1


Hi I submitted my 190 EOI on 11th March for these 3 states with 75 points. I read that NSW is only accepting superior English scores which i have.

Can anyone experienced among you let me know if any of these 3 states are inviting 75’ers for the year 2019 ?


HI, 190 for BA is open only in 2 states NSW and VIC, which is the 3rd state?

I have also applied for 190 BA (75 points - including SS) for NSW and VIC in Feb 2019, but unable to guess the time frame, I think there is huge inflow for AUS visa in the recent months, according to many forums it might take 3 to 4 months or may be more to get an invite.


Hi. May i ask if your score is 75 (with 5 for state sponsorship or without) From what i read 75+5 are getting calls but 70+5 are not. I am at 70+5