How long until i get a reply/confirmation/AOR?

How long until i get a reply/confirmation/AOR?


I mailed our application here in Canada on June 27, they received it on June 29, i know because i was tracking the package via tracking number on the package. It has been 2 MONTHS now and I still haven’t received anything. I have checked my mail, email, spam, and junk folders. Nothing. I’ve read that it takes around 6-8 weeks for an AOR, but nothing at all. We’re getting worried. What else can i do right now? Call them?


I am in the exact same situation. I know that they received my package in Missassauga June 27 from the USA. I’m a Canadian citizen, living in the USA and trying to move back to Canada with my common law partner. It does seem slow. I think maybe they are all at the beach! They get alot of federal holidays in the summer, so let me know when you get your AOR! Thanks! Lisa


I got our AOR ALONG WITH THE MEDICAL REQUEST couple days ago!


Congratulations! Were you applying from inside Canada?


Inside Canada, yes. although it is an outland application. My wife is abroad


Hi all

I had submitted online PR application on April 2018 from US…and got my medical cleared on Apr28. Since then my application has No updates… Currently it’s in status "We are reviewing if your eligibility " and my BG check also didn’t start yet…I had raised a question with IRCC as well, but no reply…Does it take so long to check eligibility…Can anyone please tell me what could be the issue and is it taking so long these days, what should be my next step… Appreciate your inputs here…Thanks!