How long for grant after Form 815 is submitted

How long for grant after Form 815 is submitted
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Hi All,

In earlier times, people used to get a grant, the next day of submitting Form 815. How much time does it take these days?


There is no timeline, however, most people got within 3 months.


Bro , Even I am asked to upload Form 815 on Aug 24th,2017,uploaded the same on Aug26th and still waiting for the grant…There is no timeline for this and it all depends on luck I feel. Please update your case :slight_smile:


hopefully it will come soon, DIBP has done a lot of work in September… hopefully they continue in October too.


Same here, I have submiited form 815 29 August, its 6 Oct now, still no news from dibp. Ive sent follow-up to my CO on the 28th day after submission of form but still no response. Good luck to all of us, Patience is a Virtue.


I submitted form 815 on 21 December 2017. My visa was lodged on 12 Aug, 2017. When can I expect my grant. Your advise will be highly appreciated. Thank you.


I would say, after any CO contact you should prepare for 8-16 weeks wait as a minimum.


Thank you very much for your prompt response. I was wondering when the CO ask for form 815, does it mean that all the other aspects of the file are completed and it is only a matter of time for visa grant.

This was my second CO contact and I hope I will not get another CO contact.


sjh1976 have you received your visa yet?


CO contacted for 815 on 18.06.18 and provided on 20.06.18.After that no response . No EV done.

My lodgement date is 28.08.2017.My PCC and medical is going to be expire by September’18. When can expect grant?