Global Talent (858) category not available here.

There is no visa category or class available here for Global Talent (858)? Am unable to create a case due to this. Thanks.

Hello @Param_S! Are you talking about a different visa class that we do not have a tracker for currently? This one in particular?

Yes, that’s correct.

Can there be any help around this visa class plz? Thanks

Hi @Param_S! Thanks for pointing that out. I’ll check with my team over this week and let you know. We don’t have it currently but we can potentially add it for you. I’ll be in touch!

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Thanks, appreciate it.

Any luck on this topic plz. Thanks

Hi @Param_S,

Thanks for following up. It’ll take us probably another 2 weeks to get this visa class tracker added. If it’ll be possible to provide it sooner, I’ll let you know!

Oh brilliant. Thanks for quick response.

Just checking if it’s on the way plz. Thanks

Hi @Param_S! Thank you for following up. It’s going to take us a little bit longer than we originally thought but we’re hoping to get it done this month. We haven’t forgotten about this request and we’ll follow up as soon as it’s completed!

Thanks for the update. Will wait eagerly.