First steps in New Zealand

us some advice to make it easier when you land we have been here a week and gone through all of this:

SCHOOLS: If you have children going to primary school you need to find a rental and have it in both your names if married or engaged in the school zone before applying as you need to have proof that you live in the zone as well as a utility bill. School uniform is expensive so be prepared and most schools use Chrome Books. Budget easily R10k per child!!

BANKING:You need proof of address before you can open a bank account. All banks are pretty much the same here. You cannot ask for statements etc on your spouse’s account. If depositing cash you need to show your passport

IRD: You need offer of employment, proof of address, VISA, Passport, SA Tax number, Bank account statement showing transactions with money going in and out. Easier done at your closest AA Centre than online and can only be done when you are here. You will wait 5 days plus for it or pay 10NZD for urgent applications to get it within 48HRS.

DRIVERS CONVERSION: Go to your closest AA Centre. Need to take drivers, passport and VISA. Cost is 50NZD.

ELECTRICITY PROVIDERS: Try make sure this is switched on before you move in there are so many to choose from and call centres are not open on the weekend.

CELLPHONE PROVIDERS: Found SPARK the best and most helpful and they have stores everywhere.

ALWAYS: Carry passports, VISAS, proof of residence, drivers licence, banking details with you as this is needed when you apply for anything that is said previously.

MONEY NEEDED IN RANDS TO SET UP: We are a family of 5 and have spent close on R200k since landing to cover expenses – rental deposits, Airbnb for a week, school uniforms, day to day expenses and when you spending Rands it is awful cannot wait for NZD pay check . Bank charges on SA side are horrendous when swiping or drawing and sometimes your cards get a soft block from SA side which is frustrating so make sure you have a person of authority who can deal on your behalf with the bank for all unforeseen circumstances!!

OTHERWISE: It is a beautiful place and a fun journey to be on. Don’t get frustrated the system works and once you in it, I am sure it will be plain sailing!! Well that is my positive thought for the morning for all those here or making or planning the move.

Guys, those who have feable chances in Australia and Canada can look out for NZ. Below is the link for NZ Visa group, please join and enjoy free suggestions/guidance from aspirants:

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