***>>> February 2020 AOR <<<***

Hi Everyone,

Congratulations for submitting your eAPR and becoming part of February 2020 AOR gang.

This thread is to assist everyone with questions in relation to process tracking, trends, processing timelines concerns and just to get together and plan the upcoming move over to Canada while trying to understand when to expect your PPR.

Good luck!

I will be sharing some statistics below to help you with the process.

Please submit your questions here and will do my best to answer those!

All the best and see you in Canada!

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Please also add your case to Feb AOR Tracker: https://myimmitracker.com/en/ca/trackers/january-2020-aor-permanent-residency-trackerp

New Telegram group for AOR: 2019-2020 Group if above is full: https://t.me/aor2019

Any feb aors here?

Yes i have received NB ITA on 25th jan will be submitting documents by this weekend

are you in whatsapp group?

Processing time trends and patterns report:

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Statuses by months: The processing time is decreasing. [​IMG]

Current processing: *Based on the data in the last 24 hours. Posted myimmitracker.com [​IMG]

AOR TO IP1: *Average time from AOR to IP1. [​IMG]

Average processing time: [​IMG]

Average processing by family size: [​IMG]

Average by a province: *Dramatic reduction in processing time. [​IMG]

Applicants by stream 2020 *PNP took a 25-30% share from the get go this year. [​IMG]

Applicants by stream 2019: [​IMG]

Applicants by stream 2020 *Ottawa, Sydney add up to 80% of all PPRs in 2020. [​IMG]

PPRs issued by visa office in 2019: *Ottawa, Sydney add up to 85% of all PPRs and continue to increase. [​IMG]

Number of PPRs issued on a monthly basis: [​IMG]

Thanks very much everyone! and enjoy your week!

Ping me with questions and good luck with you application!

How do you know which stage of your background check you are in?

My has been showing this since I have submitted the application online Background check

  • We are processing your background check. We will send you a message if we need more information.

So what stage is this?

Refer to this: Application Stages + What They Mean (MEP, IP1, IP2, Ghost Update...) - Version 2019

In a nutshell its a sequence of changes that leads to understanding what status you are in