February 2019 AOR Group

February 2019 AOR Group
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Any one is there February 2019 AOR ?


Yes… My AOR was on February 2019


Whats your AOR date? https://chat.whatsapp.com/KZVB4SjVmzhJtzGsS6L9za

Please join this group


Hey, Can someone add me to the WhatsApp group. Link is not allowing as it shows msg as group is full.

I have submitted application on 24 February 2019

Phone :+1 647-995-5726


the group is full. is there any way around it?


My AOR is 21 Feb 2019 inland


Hi would you add me to tour whatsapp group please


My AoR is Feb 3, 2019 and in IP2 stage since March 28, 2019. Anyone is same boat or moved further?


Hi Pranaygarg,

I am in the same boat. AoR Feb 10, 2019 and in IP2 since March 28, 2019. No movement after IP2.


Are you from New Delhi? I saw the average time for New Delhi office is 120+days


I am from Hyderabad and my passport is of Ahmedabad. I am not aware of the visa office processing my application. Would mine also be New Delhi? I got following in an email from VFS Global when I submitted biometrics. looks like mine is also New Delhi office. What say?

“The envelope for the decision on the results of your visa that has been processed has been received at the Canadian Visa Application Center at New Delhi OC, on the date. We will then send this to the Canadian Visa Application Center New Delhi OC.”