Eligibility Pass??


We submitted our application on 2nd November 2019. We are in the PNP category and sponsored by Alberta. Medicals were passed on the 25th November and we submitted proof as requested of our IELTS results (never asked for this in our original documents, bizarre!). Anyway we now have the biometrics letter and have an appointment booked in London for the 27th December. However, my big worry at the moment is that the eligibility hasn’t been passed. We submitted an application about 12 months ago and got to the point of medical passed and then they cancelled our application abruptly based on eligibility which was related to my husbands passport not having enough time remaining on it. It was very annoying as we had specifically contacted CIC before submitting last year to see if we needed to renew his passport. Anyway moving onto now, obviously the whole eligibility thing has me spooked based on last time and it’s a super expensive journey for us to travel down to London to the embassy. Does anyone know roughly when they pass the eligibility? I thought it would be before biometrics was completed to save people a wasted trip.

Normally a CPP-O officer checks your application and sets eligibility to “passed” if he is convinced by your documents, then you get meds passed. Good luck

Hi, my passport expires in another week and am about to receive my renewed passport in a couple of days. Is there a chance for them to refuse my application during this window? Can they reject my application based on that and not give me a chance to update my profile with the new passport number? Please advise.

You can raise CSE now and inform them of the fact that new passport will be uploaded. That’s best practice.

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