Citizenship Tracker feedback


I would like to provide some feedback on using the Australian Citizenship Tracker, I hope this is the right place to do so.

First, the state “Interview appointed” is really needed to be added in order to adequately reflect the current state of the case. Right now it jumps from “Acknowledgment Received” to “Interview Completed” with nothing in between.

A new field “Appointment letter received date” would also help, as many applicants are eager to know when their fellow applicants are contacted for the first time in months (it takes 9 months for applications from NSW to be contacted after lodging their application). You can see a lot of people asking each other in comments.

Thirdly, the field “Interview/test date” should allow setting the dates in the future.

Thank you.

Thanks for your feedback, we will implement these changes.

can you please review?

Hi Andy!

Thanks a lot for implementing the suggestions, very much appreciated! It works exactly as desired.

I hope this will help the applicants to get more clarity.