Citizenship Applicants 2020

Hi Guys,

Applicants who lodged their citizenship applications in 2019-2020, lets get together for discussions and mutual support.

Please share your timeline/cases and updates here.

Also, ping me for whatsapp group adding.



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How can we get added to the Whatsapp group?

Hey Andy,

Can I please get added in the group please?

Regards, Dan

Hi Guys,

Could anyone please add me in citizenships whatsapp group

Thanks in advance

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Petition for restart citizenship tests and interviews -

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Hi Andy,

Could you please add me in citizenships whatsapp group


Have citizenship interviews restarted in NSW?


I applied for citizenship in Brisbane but now I will be moving to Adelaide. How can I change local council in my application?


Could you add me to the whatsapp group?


Hi @Andy-MyImmiTracker.

I am also applied for Citizenship. Please add me to the what’s app group.


hey mate, can you add me to the whatsapp grp as well ?

Has anyone recently received citizenship interview + test call in Sydney?

How to join whatsapp group for citizen applicants?