Biometrics request message has not updated

After getting a message on the 29th October 2018 to give our biometrics (biometrics collection letter), we had our biometrics done on the 30th October 2018. The actual biometrics information has been uploaded to my applicant information section in my account, however, the biometrics section on the checklist still reads “Biometrics: We have not received your fingerprints. Check your biometrics request message below for details.”. Should I be concerned? It has been two months now since giving our biometrics and the message is still not updated! Thanks for any hlp in advance.

HI, Can you please let me know how much time it took for you to hear back after providing the bio metrics.

Hello, did you got this issue resolved? Im having the same issue received my collection letter on october 8th gave biometrics on the 18th and so far no update, thanks for sharing

I am facing the same issue, can anyone please guide me how this issue was resolved. I would be obliged. Thanks

You need not worry if the biometrics data is showing up under the applicant. My husband’s biometrics message never ever changed from ‘we don’t need it’ - which was false. He’s landed PR now, Aug 2020 applicants.