Aor dec 2018

it means it will be reviewed by the officer. but they didn’t tell the date on which the file will be reviewed.

I want to join the whatsapp group please

Is there an active Whatsapp group? We received AOR on 22 December 2018 and are two days over the 6 month processing mark. Our CIC portal says: "We are processing your application. We will send you a message when there is an update or if we need more information from you.

Your application is taking us longer than usual to process.

About 20% of our applications are more complex to process. They take us longer due to things like how easily we can verify information, how well and how quickly you answer our requests and whether the application is complete."

We’re so disappointed because we hoped we’d get PPR at least by the 180th day. I have messaged them but I’m not sure it’ll make a difference.

Is anyone else in this situation?

yes i am in the same situation. i have received the same message. nothing is happening. i even ordered the gcms notes but i have not received them also. i don’t know what to do.

Maybe it’s a back-log on CIC’s end. I thought it might just be in my country of residence, but clearly not! I also found out another friend has reached 180 days and received the same delayed processing message. I used the CIC webform to email them to ask what’s holding things up. You could try that too? It’s on the CIC website. I’ll let you know if we receive an update at any point!

yes i have used webform but there also they are not providing any relevant information. they just said that your application is in progress.

My AOR date is 9 aug, 2018. Draw date 30 may Bt process is waiting Still waiting for PPR Please call me My wtsap number is +91 9878920003 I need some help from you

Im belong to chandigarh Please call me

I received the same email reply after using their webform. Based on looking at other applications, refusal usually happens 40-50 days after AOR. If they want more information, they usually request it by the 4th month after AOR, if not earlier. So if you’re at 180+ days after AOR, the hold up is either Canadian Immigration being behind on processing or it’s your country of residence being slow to confirm information or respond to CIC. Maybe it should be 3-7 months and it’s taking a month longer on average.

I have heard that there has been downsizing in all non-essential departments in Canada and so application processes have become slower. I have also ordered the GCMS notes. Lets hope this is just slow processing and there is nothing wrong with the application.

hey where is this info coming from? There is obviously a slow down, but not sure what the cause.

This was told to me by a Canadian citizen living in Toronto. He mentioned that his request for a DL was also taking longer than expected time.

Not sure what sort of slowdown in the application processing time. Several Mar 2019 AOR applicants have received their PPR mails. If there is a backlog in processing all AORs’ should be delayed right

Yup same here…im dec 19 got my first ghost update last wk so hoping i dont go past 7 months.

My AOR is 28th Dec 2018, the last date in profile was 28th Jun 2019. The last date has already passed and the message i see is " your profile is taking longer then usual". Is anyone from Dec 2018 AOR batch stuck in same situation same as me ?

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Yes- my AOR was 22nd December and we’re coming up on 8 months of processing. I have a friend who submitted 28th December and he’s in the same situation. Just waiting it out, I guess.

Ye it seems that way…its so frustrating … my file has been touched since July 3 and it seems you can no longer call from outside of Canada… you can only send webforms which give you no actual insight into your application.

Hey guys, any wtsp group for january ? aor 01-31… thanks

Join whatsapp chat group for Express entry

Any update for any one … any one still wating for PPR ?

Guys I have received same ADRs. mentioned above. CV Schedule-A Travel History Grad Kit.

My AOR-20th 0ctober 2019… Visa Office- Ottawa I got my GCMS on 22 Feb 2020 whihc were generated on 31 Jan 2020. My eligibility is recommended pass according to it, info sharing is complete, but in notes security was not started… And according to forums no S(15) & S(16) written on… DO you this i have to wait more now??