Advantage of knowing Visa Office during PR application processing

Advantage of knowing Visa Office during PR application processing
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Currently, my PR application is in IP1 stage.

I have seen folks updating their Visa office where their case is being processed. I am aware that we can send an email to CPC ottawa for visa office details. What is the advantage of knowing the Visa office?



Different offices process cases at different speed. Ottawa is the fastest. Some FSW Outland applications may be processed in Ottawa, and are finalized within a month or two.

CPC-O has stopped responding to visa office inquiry emails. So nowadays it’s pretty hard to find out where your case is. Sometimes people submit ADR and from the response email, there are traces where people can see where their offices are.

Don’t sweat about it. Cheers.


hi im an FSWO applicant and yesterday i found out my visa office is Vanouver, BC.

Ive never heard of anyone’s application being processed in Vancouver.

Is this normal ? any significance to my application being processed in vancouver?


Not sure but I’ve heard a couple CEC applicants processed in Vancouver and didn’t hear any negative things. So I’d be happy if I were you given it’s processed inland :slight_smile:


cool cool. i have filed through a representative. i got IP2 on march 17. since then nothing. I contacted my agent about update seeing how most people get PPR within 7 to 30 days. I am getting a lil anxious and dont know why i feel like my agent might be keeping things from me.

how much more should i wait before i decide to lose my shi*


Can’t say how long but give it some more time. Think about how long the paper based system used to take and you should feel better :slight_smile: