190 visa nomination occupation

Hi All I have nominated by QLD 190 as chef on 1st December 2019 and had applied visa on 10th of December. After nomination is approved can i quit my current job and started to work in new place as same occupation. Your Advice is much appriciated. Thanks Guys Regards Suresh

You can yes, just update the department of immigration with your new job.

@santamang18 may i know how much time it took to get an invitation from Queensland? I have submitted my EOI for Queensland on 21st February for 190 visa my score is 70 and for 491 score is 80 as a chef.

Is there anyone offshore candidate with 90 points (including SS points) got invites for Visa Subclass 190?

Yea, I have 90pts with SS, occupation carpenter 331212, offshore