190 grant delays

Can one please tell wats happening with 190 grants? Process is toooooo slow nowdays :relieved: Not even 1 grant in the last few days !

True, Its really frustrating . No contact even after 8-9 months and candidates who have filed in Nov are getting Grants… No transparency.

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Any updates yet. ?

Has been 16 months since my lodgement.-190 NT nomination

Any update on this? I lodged in Oct 2019, no CO contact until now. My friend lodged at the same time with me, same state WA, granted in Dec 2019. Some cases on myimmitracker are showing lodged in Mar 2020, granted in June 2020. The DHA website is showing processing time from 5 to 7 months. Mine is 8 months already. No idea what happened… Is there any way to contact them? Does it help (and is it safe) to lodge a complaint via ombudsman website?

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Hi nhnhatquan,

Yeah same here, i applied on November 2nd 2019 with developer/programmer. I tried calling DIBP but of no use as they always replied in a standard format. Is your friend in the same occupation as of ours or a different one ?.

Processing time is 5 to 6 months now, my application is in received status from Dec’19, I thought I will at least get some update from helpline, but as usual there is none, they think we are fools, after explaining my situation the person did not request for any information like reference number to check the status but asked me to wait and I asked that you never asked for any information to check then how will you verify(this is the second time it is happening) , still I was asked to wait then a standard response, I interrupted and asked I am worried about my application as there is no status change and fall under 10% category whos application is not processed and I asked am I not having any option other than waiting, response was yes you have to wait for the communication from department there is no other option, helpline will only be able to see what we can see in immi account.

P. S my wait is not huge compared many other applicaticants here, but :upside_down_face:

@DBoben, no I think she applied for Nursing occupation.

My occupation is the same with you. I wonder if it’s only our occupation that needs to wait. I have no idea there…

Another thing I noticed is that applications with family were processed so fast. That friend of mine applied for her whole family. Some people on my Facebook group got granted within 2-3 months and they all applied with their family. Some friends of mine are single and still waiting like me.

Hi Guys,

Can anyone help me clarify the meaning of Onshore/offshore.

Does it simply refer to your location when you apply? Or does it also refers to your education/ employment is onshore or offshore?


refer to your location when you apply

Thank you.

Same here, I’ve applied 18 Dec 2019 as a software developer, no CO contact yet. I have called DIBP and they did not provide any further information other than everything written in their website.

We all are in the same boat…Applied on 31st Oct 2019, WA, Recruitment Consultant. No contacts what so ever. Good Luck everyone!

Did you get invite?? Please let me know, if yes on how much points??

Ruchi, I received an invite in July 2019, 65 points and lodged the visa on 31st October 2019.

same here , lodged nov 2019… QLD 190… waiting for Grant

Thousands of ppl waiting grant, we also have group on telegram

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